Using the same menu code and files all across the website.

You can have the same menu code across multiple web pages that are located in different directories under the same domain name and store the menu files in a single location. To achieve this, you must use absolute path for menu files.

Please just follow these steps carefully:

  1. Open your menu project and on the Publish ribbon click Insert into Web Page.
  2. Select Just generate HTML code and necessary files and click Next.
  3. Select local folder where you would like the files to be generated.
  4. Select I will put the files in a subdirectory.
  5. Enter a subdirectory name that begins with a slash (/) and represents a directory right under your web domain where you would like to upload the files. For example, you can enter /menufiles which would correspond to
  6. Click Next to generate menu HTML code and files.
  7. Upload the generated menu files to the corresponding directory of your website. In the above example you would have to make sure the files are uploaded to
  8. The generated menu HTML code should now work on any web page located under your domain name.