Menu or submenus do not show up properly.

There may be a variety of causes to this problem. Please carefully go through the following checklist.

1. Make sure you have uploaded all the files

When you generate the menu code, a set of supplementary files is generated as well. You must ensure that all of these files are uploaded to your web server and check that they are available on your server after the upload.

2. Make sure your web page code contains no errors

If the problem persists and you believe that all of the menu files have been uploaded correctly, you can also check your web page HTML code for errors. You can use the free W3C HTML Validator to do this. The validator will also give you advice on how to fix the errors.

3. Check for and eliminate any conflicts

If you have completed the above steps and the problem persists, you can try the following conflict elimination method as a last resort. This step requires some HTML programming knowledge.

  1. One by one remove other elements of your web page such as banners, javascripts, style sheet code etc. After removing each element, check your web page in a web browser to see if the menu now works.
  2. Once the menu works properly, you will know that the element you just removed was causing the problem.
  3. Eliminate or update the code of the conflicting element so that it no more conflicts with the menu code.